Merci Gaetane, for a thoroughly enjoyable Soirée Francaise. It was a comfortable and friendly atmosphere in which to play some games in French and to celebrate the festive season with traditional home-cooked French food, which was absolutely delicious. Thank you for introducing us to some French proverbs and the tradition of the cake "Galette des Rois". I can truely say that this was another great learning experience from Gaetane.


Christmas Party - French Evening

What a lovely way to celebrate Christmas by practising your French around an "apéro dinatoire" and games!

Buffet with typical Home made French food



Thanks for a great "Soirée franchise". What a lovely way to start the Christmas Celebrations with French food, good company and lively games. Wishing you and my fellow students a happy Christmas and here's looking forward to more French in the new year.

Galette des Rois

The cake traditionally celebrating Epiphany in France

Merci pour une belle soirée.
We enjoyed a lovely evening playing games in French and rewarded by traditional, home made French food. A great opportunity to practice our French in a relaxed environment and get to know our fellow students.



Gaetane organised a great French Evening to mark the end of term and the holiday season. As is her custome, she had everything well planne, and it all went very well. We played games - in French, ate lovely home-made, typically French, food and of course had plenty to drink.
It was nice meeting up again with the other students and enjoying a warm and friendly evening together.


Bonjour, Bienvenue to French lessons in Kent.

Some students


French Lessons in Kent

"Pas de repas sans fromage!"


Merci Gaetane for such a "superbe fête de Noël", you always manage to create such a relaxed and convivial ambiance and with the excellente home cooked French food helped to create "des bons souvenirs pour moi".