French Lessons in Limousin

Local, Nationwide online French lessons

 With a native French Tutor based in Haute-Vienne, in Limousin

10 km from Bellac train station, 35 km from Limoges airport, 40 km from Limoges train station,  70 km Poitiers airport,

80 km From Angouléme train station

About French lessons in Limousin

Gaetane Mirol


Je m'appelle Gaétane Mirol Smith, je suis native de la Bourgogne en France. J'ai habité en Angleterre pendant 10 ans.

Maintenant j'habite dans le Limousin


My name is Gaétane Mirol Smith. I am from Burgundy in France and I lived in Meopham, Kent for 10 years. Now I live in Limousin


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Over the  years I have worked and helped a wide range of learners from novices to experienced speakers looking to improve their knowledge of French language and culture. I organised a numerous of French evenings and trips to France for practising in a real situation. I also taught French at "York Road" Primary school in Dartford and have helped students with their French GCSE exams. 

I can accommodate the needs of any individuals or businesses.

Classes are held online VIA video call on Skype in a friendly relaxed atmosphere. 
If you live in Haute-Vienne classes are held in my French home .

All aspects are covered, grammar, comprehension, listening, speaking.

You will get to practise your French in various different scenarios,

a debate, discuss a video or record, describe what you see in a drawing

or photograph and practise making telephone calls.

For the adventurous I also offer French experience stay in our home in France for 3 nights or 6 nights. I help you, encourage and support you practising your French in real situations. 

Terms and Conditions:

The payment is always due the week before the first lesson of the block of 5 starts. If the payment is not received your lesson time will be given to another student.
French Lessons in Kent DOES NOT credit any lost lessons (delays, last minutes cancellations etc.).
On pay day if you know you will be absent during your block of 5 lessons and you let me know, then you will pay your block

pro rata.

New students joining within a pay period will pay for their lessons pro-rata until the next pay day is due.

Mrs Gaetane Mirol-Smith, Mr John Smith and French Lessons in Kent at 8 Sainte Anne 87330 Val d'Issoire France, 

are not responsible for any incident, accident or loss of any kind occurring indoors or outdoors during the French lessons or any events at the above address.