French Lessons in Limousin

Local, Nationwide online French lessons

 With a native French Tutor based in Haute-Vienne, in Limousin

10 km from Bellac train station, 35 km from Limoges airport, 40 km from Limoges train station,  70 km Poitiers airport,

80 km From Angouléme train station

Do you own a house in France and need help communicating in French?

I am a native of France who lived in England and being French I understand what a problem
the language barrier can be.

Do you own a house in France and require help communicating with someone in French,
whether an individual, company, government department, French water services, Electricity etc…

I could be of help to you by liaising in French with the relevant authorities whether it be via telephone by letter or email.

Or if you just need help with any general correspondence in French?

Please email me your details for a quotation.