Student's Testimonials

French Lessons in Limousin

Local, Nationwide online French lessons

 With a native French Tutor based in Haute-Vienne, in Limousin

10 km from Bellac train station, 35 km from Limoges airport, 40 km from Limoges train station,  70 km Poitiers airport,

80 km From Angouléme train station


"This lady has so much patience with me, she is just great, I hope she will teach me for many more months.
My French was very poor but she has the time and patience and I'm doing well

Thank you Gaetane. Mary

"The classes are small and intimate, nearly on a one to one basis but with the added benefit of learning with friends.
Gaetane concentrates on teaching us to speak and understand day to day French by using the vocabulary we already know, listening to tapes of various scenarios and reading interesting articles from newspapers and magazines.
Gaetane makes the lessons fun by using games to learn new words and expressions.
She adapts her lessons to accommodate all levels and I feel I've made great progress in the year I've been going to her classes."

Sima Hanley

"I have taken French lessons with Gaetane on a one to one basis for the past
2 months and have enjoyed every minute of learning with her.

When I started I was shy and lacked confidence when trying to speak the language, but with Gaetane’s help I now have the confidence to both write and speak en Français!"

I whole heartedly recommend!


"I have been trying to learn French on and off for several years but have found lessons with Gaetane Mirol to be most enjoyable.

The lessons are in small groups or 1 to 1 and are relaxed and friendly. Gaetane will work with an individual's personal need for extra tuition/explanation in French language which I find particularly helpful."


"I have tried to teach myself French but I found a hands on approach much more fun and engaging.

Gaetane will always find the areas I personally struggle with and identify ways of helping me to get over these hurdles.

She is always willing to go the extra mile for her students."


If you are serious about learning French this is the place to be.

Gaetane has a great understanding of how difficult it is to learn a new language, having only recently conquered English herself.

She tries to simplify phrases, verbs, tenses etc. by making it fun.

I can't recommend her enough. Merci Gaetane!


"Gaetane's lessons are just what I needed to get my French back on track, and there's a good combination of grammar and conversation. I'd recommend her."


I have have had one to one lessons with Gaetane during the past few months. She pushes hard in a fun sort of way but happily slows down with revision lessons when the brain gets a bit scrambled. She has a great personality and has given me the opportunity, for the first time in many years, of making real progress.

Having not studied French for many years, I am very pleased with my progress in the 3 months that I have been having 1:1 lessons with Gaetane. Gaetane lessons are lively and fun, and she is very good at motivating you, which all results in increased confidence in the language. I look forward to each lesson and would thoroughly recommend her to you.


I have tried before to improve my French , since starting lessons with Gaetane,  my family have commented on the difference and my growing confidence.
Gaetane has a real heart for people to know the language and appreciate all things French so yes there is work in learning a language but she is so encouraging and fun, learning French well is possible.


 Less ons : If you want to learn or improve your French, this is the person to help you.
I look forward to my weekly lesson with Gaetane. Activities are varied, and every lesson is lively and fun.
Gaetane has the gift of getting to know each individual and teaching them accordingly.

Soirees : I have attended two soirees chez Gaetane.
Everybody is made to feel very welcome and relaxed. It is good to meet her other students, and Gaetane has us all speaking French and laughing together in a very comfortable atmosphere.
I look forward to the next one.

Thank you Gaetane.


I have been going to Gaetane for French Lessons as a complete beginner for about six months. I have enjoyed the lessons immensely, and I am delighted with the progress I have already made in such a short time. Each lesson is always well planned, yet flexible and appropriate to my stage of understanding. I have found Gaetane herself to be an excellent tutor. Patient and encouraging. Good fun and always willing to revise or revisit any areas that I have found difficult. I have also attended two of the "French Evenings" that Gaetane organises for students to socialise and practice what they have learned. On each occasion a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere provided the perfect opportunity to practice my newly acquired language skills. With a small group of likeminded people who were all both friendly and encouraging. Great fun and very rewarding. Merci beaucoup Gaetane!

​                                                                                                               Sam