Trip to Bailleuil Nord pas de Calais in June 2015


Historic Building,

Ruelle, Cassel


View over the roof tops of Mont Cassel

The city of Cassel occupies a strategic position on the summit of Mont Cassel (Dutch: Kasselberg), 
​a prominent hill of Flanders.

Forty kilometres to the east, the city of Ypres in Belgium was at the centre of battle for most of world war 1.

On October 24th, 1914, during the Battle of the Yser, General Ferdinand Foch, who later was to become Marshal Foch (1851-1929) set up his headquarters in Cassel. 
General Foch left Cassel in June 1915 and is remembered there by a statue.

Porte d'Aire, Cassel

Bailleul is a large town in France, near the Belgian border, 14.5 Kms south-west of Ieper and on the main road from St. Omer to Lille. Bailleul was occupied on 14 October 1914 by the 19th Brigade and the 4th Division.

WW1 British Cemetery at Bailleuil

"Dégusataion de biere"at

Ferme Beck in Bailleuil

Interior of Chambres d'hates á Bailleuil "Cóté Cour Cóté Jardin"

Chambres d'hótes á Bailleuil

"Cóté Cour Cóté Jardin"

Group of students

Bar Restaurant Mont Cat
Mont Cat Pays de Flandre
View Cassel
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Street at Cassel
British wars 1 Cemetery Bailleuil
Ferme Beck Fabrication de biére
Ferme Beck Bailleuil
Cóté Cour Cóté Jardin Nord Pas de Calais
Chambres d'hótes Cóté Cour Cóté Jardin

Bonjour, Bienvenue to French lessons in Kent.

Marshal Ferdinand Foch

An old lamp in Cassel

Pique nique next to the Abbaye of Mont des cats which was built in 1826

Pic Nique At Mont des Cats 

Bar Restaurant at Mont des Cats