Bonjour, Bienvenue to French lessons in Kent.

French evenings are organized every 2 months on a Tuesday evening.
All my students have the opportunity to practise their French with fellow students in conversation.

All kinds of topics are discussed. All levels are mixed together, giving everyone the chance to learn
from each other and listen to French being spoken.

  "Un verre de l'amitié" is always offered after.

Tu viens on va parler en francais!

Je suis un peu timide.

Tu sais au début tu n'es pas obligé
​de parler mais tu peux juste écouter.

Ok je vais essayer!


Alors, c'était bien la soirée francaise?

Oui, c'était super! J'ai appris beaucoup de nouveaux mots
​et on a fini la soirée avec un apéritif typique francais!


Soirée Française

Everyone will have the opportunity to practise their French in a relaxing atmosphere conversing around different topics. Then all the students will have time to talk with their French tutor and their fellow students.​​

Private evening, only for the students of French Lessons in Kent.

Suspended due to the covid 19