Trip to St Pierre de Maillé and Angles sur l'Anglin

from the 12th to 15th July 2018

Bonjour, Bienvenue to French lessons in Kent.

We travel by minibus.

We always cross " The English Channel" using Eurotunnel. Private trip, only for the students of French Lessons in Kent.

A good opportunity to improve your French in a friendly atmosphere while doing some tourism.

Saint-Pierre-de-Maillé is a commune in the Vienne department in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region in western France.The commune is traversed by the river Gartempe.



Accomodations :

La Distillerie at St Pierre de Maillé

Roc-aux-Sorciers is an Upper Paleolithic rock shelter site dating to the mid-Magdalenian cultural stage, ca 14,000 yBP, made famous by its relief wall carvings. The site is in the French commune of Angles-sur-l'Anglin, in Vienne. The name 'Sorcerers' Rock', with its suggestions of pagan rendez-vous, was applied to the site long before the wall-carvings were discovered.

The south-facing rock-shelter at the base of the slopes of the Douce, above the right bank of the Anglin, about 1.5 km (0.93 mi) above the village, is composed of two geologically distinct sections; below is the Abri Bourdois, a classic rock-shelter site beneath a slight overhang, and above is the Cave Taillebourg, a deeper vestibule. The two parts are separated by a zone that has not yet been excavated, kept in reserve. The site was classed a Monument Historique, 18 January 1955.

Angles-sur-l'Anglin is a commune in the Vienne department in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region in western France. It has been selected as one of the most beautiful villages of France. The Château d'Angles-sur-l'Anglin is a ruined castle dating back to the 11th century, originally constructed for the Bishop of Poitiers.