La Distillerie St Pierre de Maillé
La Roche Posay

 Private trip, only for the students of French Lessons in Kent.

Angles sur L'Anglin
Abbaye St Savin
St Pierre de Maillé

 We will stay at La Distillerie for 3 nights and we will have the privilege of having a private visit of the place explaining its history. We will visit the beautiful village Angles sur l'Anglin, the Roc aux Sorciers, the fortified Castle and the Abbaye at St Savin. We will enjoy a tasting of local products. Our meals will be taken in different restaurants and table d'hótes.

Trip to St Pierre de Maillé,

St Savin, Angles sur l'Anglin

from 23rd to 26th May 2019

Trips are only for students


French Lessons in Kent

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